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Together we'll conquer whatever is keeping you from maximum potential, efficiency, impact and profit. They call me " THE MAVEN" Tell me your needs and you'll learn why :)

Anything you want done baby, I do it naturally.

I'm Alexandra Renee Poelstra. I'm a master problem solver and business development consultant. I am many things, but a quitter is not one of them. I help business get big wins and make meaningful strides in their objectives. If you’re going in circles, not taking the right steps or just don’t know what the heck to do next in your business, I’m here for you. I've got a strong emphasis on Tech, Human Capital and World Domination. Whether your business is doing $10k or $10 million, you'll find my wisdom unmatched and quite unique. Let's turn heads together, shall we?

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It was on an honor and pleasure to share my journey for Webflow's Virtual World Tour. Watch the replay and learn my story.

Where You'll Find Me Kicking Butt

Business owners have saved and earned thousands through my comprehensive and focused approach. What do you need?

Branding & Marketing

This is my signature. If you're business needs to BRAND UP, you're in the right place

Business Consulting

Expect comprehensive data backed intel that gets results. Meaning Dollars.

Speaking Engagements

Happy to engage your audience. Whether its moms, churches, or CEOs, I can relate.

Teaching & Training

Get access to over 2 dozen corporate workshops from social media to sales.

Web Design & SEO

Get a fabulous looking website that generates leads and dollars. How fabulous? Ask me.

People Management

People not performing or is office life not smooth sailing? Consider it handled.

Overall Problem Solving

Need more sales? Help with hiring? Don't know why your dog doesn't like you? Call me.


We have a phenomenal nonprofit program called NEATT. If you're a 501c3, this is gold.

Tech Solutions

Meet your SaaS Queen. Your business run smoother with a few tech tips :)


A BS-free newsletter that provides insight on business, startups, tech, design, marketing and more that actually helps people get stuff done. Oh, and free monthly prizes too :)

THE MAVEN - Alexandra Renee Poelstra



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Meet Alexandra Renée Poelstra

A Jack of All Trades and Your Ace in the Hole

You know how they call someone in the entertainment business a triple threat if they can sing, dance and act? Well that's like me, except in the business world. My background is my strength. When I started my business, I was a jobless, broke single mother with no car, living at home with my newborn. I couldn’t afford to hire any experts for ANYTHING. So, I had to figure out how to do everything on my own, do it well and grow. My passion and dedication led me to be a strong performer in multiple areas of business, making me a real wrecking ball in the field. Now I celebrate a business that's borderless with an awesome team that is constantly expanding. How can I help you get to where you want to be?

How can I help you?

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