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THE MAVEN - Alexandra Renee Poelstra



There's enough crap in your inbox. How about something more tailored for you?

I am subscribed to like a gagillion marketing, design, and tech newsletters and what nots. And I like it, I really do, but sometimes I am just inundated with stuff that I know either doesn't work, is too salesy or is trying to manipulate me into doing something that really won't help me. And dang it I flippin hate those passive aggressive popups that insinuate "no I don't want to save 10% and become a millionaire or whatever..." Like fool, you don't even know me...

So, I decided I would give people a newsletter where you only get the insight you want from me, when you want it - devoid of crazy sales tactics and "dire urgency" calls to action. Just straight truth. I know people are easily manipulated, but I'd like to challenge that and see just what a smart cookie you really are. Simultaneously prepared for utter disappointment as well ;)

Look, you control your future and if it's awesome or if it sucks. If you like what I've got to say, you'll be in good company. Otherwise, you can skedaddle and we'll still be cool. No pressure.

Here's What Makes
Really Special

  • Powerful insights in branding, marketing, and design
  • Useful knowledge for technology, business development & startups
  • Devoid of BS marketing nonsense that doesn't apply to most
  • Insights that have real life applications
  • Powered by user requests and what people actually want to know
  • No over the top emotional manipulation to get you to buy
  • Choose what you want to get and how often you want to get it
  • Driven by what people want help with, not what I'm trying to sell
  • The good, bad and ugly and WTF from all sides of every story

I enjoy doing things my way, that work for me. Thought others might like that too.

There are a million powerful and successful ways to do email marketing that help improve sales and makes customers happy. I use them with clients. But as a marketer, I wanted to give you an insider's perspective and share my wisdom. This project was inspired by people like you, asking me nine million questions about different things and instead of writing nine million responses, one good newsletter was a smart way to go.


THE FIX wants to hear your thoughts/questions. Someone else might want to know too.

How often can you ask the person writing the email to write an email that's directed just for you? Like not ever really... Now, let's be realistic. I can't answer every single question that comes in. I just physically don't have that many hours in a day. But I'll do my best to get as many answered as possible, and even bring in some guests to get other burning questions answered that may not be in my realm.


Live Q&A: Get all your burning digital questions answered

Not every business is in the same station and everyone has different needs. Whether you want to improve your sales funnel or figure out how to fax online, we'll be welcoming questions of every nature to help business owners move forward.

THE FIX is here to help

Above all, THE FIX is a solution that makes content easily digestible, relatable, and applicable. If it's not doing that for you, just let me know. I like to hear all feedback, even if I think yours is bologna. It will let me know where I can make an improvement or how THE FIX impacts people.