Hire the Hostess with the Mostess :)
If you're looking for a host, emcee, moderator or interviewer to give your event that extra edge, THE MAVEN is your answer. Give your audience a polished presenter to ensure their experience is above and beyond and make your event unforgettable.


THE MAVEN - Alexandra Renee Poelstra



When you want your event to pop from start to finish, a fabulous MC makes a difference.

You’re getting ready to throw a spectacular event. You’ve nailed the marketing, lined up great speakers and are ready to give your audience the content they’ve been waiting for - only one problem:
You need a stellar MC that will help give your event an edge.

That's where I come in :)

I'm THE MAVEN and I desire to make your event extra spectacular.

Formally known as Alexandra Renee Poelstra, I've been speaking, moderating, interviewing, hosting and emceeing offline and virtual events for years. I can appeal to almost any audience, no matter the age, gender, ethnicity or background. Every part of your event should shine and a solid MC is an important part of that process. You need a speaker that is diverse, adaptable and can give your audience an extraordinary experience that adds professionalism and value to your event. If you're ready to have that extra edge, let's get connected.


Why Hire a Professional MC, Host or Moderator?

There are literally a gazillion reasons to use a pro to tackle this part of your event, but here are few key reasons why a seasoned MC adds value:

We can bring a special element of character to make your event pop, like comedy, intrigue or spectacle

No need to worry about amateurs who stumble over words or can’t make good transitions

Eloquent speakers keep audience members engaged bringing more value to your event

We’re only focused on your audience and participants to ensure your event is fabulous

What event do you need to stand out?

There's no event too big or too small . Services are available in person or virtually. During COVID-19, please reach out to see if your event can be accommodated in person if that is your preference.

  • Conferences and Summits
  • Corporate Events
  • Panels and Interviews
  • Church and Faith Based Events
  • Fireside or Specialized Chats or Talks
  • Tell Alls
  • Virtual Administration
  • Voice Over
  • Pre-recorded event content
  • Specialized Chats or Talks

Catch me in action...

I am currently the host for Startup Grind Carlsbad where I host monthly fireside chats with successful founders, VCs, and entrepreneurs. Attend one of our upcoming events to get a preview of how I roll :)


A Good Host Can Do Wonders For Your Event

Hosting is a passion of mine because I love to engage with people. Here's what previous clients have really appreciated most about me hosting their events:

  • Adaptable for all audiences and industries
  • Wrangling difficult questions (or people) is my specialty
  • Perfectly tailored to bring the best out of panelists
  • Can make even the most boring people seem interesting
  • Keeping the event moving smoothly and participants really engaged (even during breaks and interludes)

"You were absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for doing this for us!"


Your event deserves a host as wonderful as its content

Whether virtual or in person, your audience will receive nothing less than amazing. Inquire today about opportunities and virtual events.

A LITTLE MORE ABOUT Alexandra Renée Poelstra

A Jack of Trades & Your Ace in the Hole

You know how they call someone in the entertainment business a triple threat if they can sing, dance and act? Well that's like me, except in the business world. My background is my strength. When I started my business, I was a jobless, broke single mother with no car, living at home with my newborn. I couldn’t afford to hire any experts for ANYTHING. So, I had to figure out how to do everything on my own, do it well and grow. My passion and dedication led me to be a strong performer in multiple areas of business, making me a real wrecking ball in the field. Now I celebrate a business that's borderless, a vast client base, multiple entrepreneurial ventures and am reaching new heights with an awesome team that is constantly expanding. How can I help you get to where you want to be?


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THE MAVEN - Alexandra Renee Poelstra