Join the only in-field, experience based, rapid pace graphic design program that will have you earning more and dominating in just 10 weeks.

You’re a good designer, but are you earning what you want? Have the career you want?

Design Dominance (D2) is a fully customized experience based design program that teaches graphic designers how to earn more and distinguish themselves in the marketplace in just 10 weeks. Our 2020 Session Starts on June 23, 2020. Enrollment is open NOW.

D2 is fully customized and hand crafted for those who know they have a talent in the design field, see it as a career option and wish to take it to the next level. We teach you EXACTLY what you need to know to bump up your design game.

  • We’re here to help you DOMINATE in the field.
  • We’re here to help you WIN the RIGHT clients
  • We’re here to help you make that $$$ and STAND OUT in the process.

If you’re not making the money you want as a designer or feel you’re not at your max potential, D2 is where you need to be. Our one-of-a-kind program teaches you things you can’t, won’t and don’t learn in school that will position you for success. Because our program is about quality and not quantity, it is only offered ONCE a year and only 15 slots are available. Our program is entirely ONLINE and costs less than 25% of similar college programs. An extraordinary experience awaits.

Request D2 Program Information

Submit your information to be emailed our PDF packet on the program. Enrollment is from April 3rd until June 5, 2020. Enrollment is limited to 15 students and payment is required to reserve your spot. D2 is a certificate style program that utilizes real world scenarios and actual experiences to give designers the edge they need to succeed in this world. You won't find anything else like it.